Three senior lacrosse players sign their letters of intent

Parker Beebe, Adrian Brown and Eric Fitz pause after signing to get a picture. The boys signed to colleges such as Guilford College, Tusculum College, and Queens University of Charlotte.

On Wednesday April 13, the second wave of Leesville lacrosse players signed their letters of intent. The players signing are part of a recruiting class that included multiple players from the Pride Lacrosse team. This is just the latest flurry of signings.

The signing took place in the media center. Parents, friends and coaches all crowded the small side room to support the boys in their next step towards college.

The ceremony only lasted about fifteen minutes. Each player that signed dressed up and had some type of sports gear representing their school sitting close by them. Several pictures were taken with everyone there and a couple words were said about each player. It is truly a proud moment for each and every person there.

The actual process of signing is not that exciting at all. Whoever is signing just sits down and signs their name on a paper, but the ceremony is more sentimental and symbolic than exciting.

Eric Fitz, one of the players that signed, didn’t even have the official papers to sign. The senior had to use a sheet of blank notebook paper in order to sign.

“I wasn’t very upset that I didn’t have the actual papers because the ceremony was more about celebrating the next step in my life then actually signing a piece of paper,” said Fitz.

Signing day may not seem like a very big deal, but it represents much more for each player. Signing day is very exciting and gets everyone thrilled for the future.


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