Hidden Artist Felly Review

On Felly’s website, there is a Youtube video he had made that explains his tour. Also on the website there is a full list of tour dates and locations.

North Carolinians are not as exposed to the popular artist Felly because of is favoring popularity only being in upper New England and California — where the artist spends most of his time.

Today, Felly’s music is most listened to on Soundcloud and his popular Youtube page, though his iTunes sales are continuing to increase with every single he releases.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Felly expresses his love for his hometown in many of his songs — the main reason for his extreme popularity in upper New England states. Felly started his music career as a young teenager posting his raps and instrumentals on his Youtube page. As his popularity began to increase, the young artist started to post music videos created and edited by his friends that support his career.

His videos and songs started to reflect a certain style of pop and rap that is different than most; his tone almost reflecting a reggae and indie complex style. It is obvious that this unique style of rapping is what set Felly aside from many other rappers that are in the same ‘game” as him.

Felly has recently released an album that has been properly supported and listened to by many across the United States. His album titled “Waves” is some of Felly’s best work, reflecting his true style and attitude. This is Felly’s first album that has been professionally produced. . One of his most popular songs on the album is titled “Horchata (Waves)” and can be listened to below:


Felly is almost always accompanied by his best friend, guest rapper and popular rapper — Gyyps. Gyyps and Felly have done many popular songs together including 7th King, Gorilla, Disney, Probation and Desert Eagle.. Gyyps also has his own music that can be found on Soundcloud and his popularity is continuing to increase as Felly’s does.

The two have recently announced a nationwide tour that started in the beginning of March. Unfortunately for us North Carolinians, the artist is not making any stops close to the Raleigh area; for obvious reasons I have stated earlier — his popularity in our area just hasn’t risen yet.

I respond to Felly’s manager on Twitter, after he had Tweeted out the dates of Felly’s new tour — and I did not see Raleigh, North Carolina on the list.

Below is my response to the tour announcement, and Felly’s managers response to me:

PHOTO: Felly
Though Felly’s manager says “Raleigh is in the works”, there has been no announcement of Felly coming to North Carolina.

Check out Felly’s music on his Youtube page and on Soundcloud.


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