A sad goodbye to Mrs. Newhouse

Mrs. Newhouse is sad about leaving Leesville High Schoo, but excited to start a new career at Pine Hollow. Mrs. Newhouse will be going to Pine Hollow as their new assistant principal.

Leesville High School has to say goodbye to our awesome assistant principal, Mrs. Newhouse. Newhouse is leaving Leesville to take advantage of a great opportunity to grow the new Pine Hollow Middle School as their assistant principal. Mrs. Newhouse will continue the 2015-2016 school year at Leesville but will be leaving us after our last day.

“I am excited about leaving to go to Pine Hollow, but I am not excited about leaving Leesville Road High School,” said Mrs. Newhouse.

Mrs. Newhouse explained her connection to Leesville. Newhouse and her family initially moved to the Leesville area so her daughter could attend Leesville Road High School, before she had ever had a job here. Mrs. Newhouse fell in love with Leesville, believing it was a strong high school that could bring a lot of success for her family.

Contrary to popular belief, Mrs. Newhouse first landed a job at Leesville as an English teacher — and two years later became an assistant principal at Leesville.

“I have a lot of history here, so [leaving] will be very bitter sweet. I am trying not to think about leaving,” said Newhouse.

Mrs. Newhouse seems ready for the transition from high school to middle school, saying that her experience at Leesville has prepared her well.

“I have learned how to deal with difficult situations,” said Newhouse. “That’s what assistant principals do primarily is work with students who are frustrated, parents who are frustrated and teachers who are frustrated.”

Mrs. Newhouse said that she’s asked the question — what do you like about Leesville? — a lot in her last couple months at Leesville.

“My answer is always the same, I have been impressed since day one with the students at Leesville… 99% of students do exactly what they need to do every single day, they are polite, they open doors for you — even though they don’t know you. Kids smile, and they are happy, and I think they are excited about their futures, and it’s really fun to watch to watch young people grow and mature into young adults,” said Mrs. Newhouse.

Mrs. Newhouse ended the interview saying that her reasons for leaving Leesville have nothing to do with her experience at Leesville. Mrs. Newhouse is taking the opportunity to open up a new school and help it succeed.

“I love Leesville,” said Mrs. Newhouse.


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