The Menagerie broken down

Pictured above are the four Editors in Chief: Jill Catalano, Emily Dolegowski, Lindsay Lehman, and Hallie Hnatek, all seniors. These students have been apart of the creation of three yearbooks and are currently in their sixth semester of the class. Photo Courtesy: Emily Dolegowski

Twenty-five students dedicate a full school year to the creation of the Menagerie, Leesville’s yearbook. With the help of Ms. Joni Amerson, English teacher, the yearbook students produce a 400 page book filled with high definition photos and the year’s memories.

Meet the staff.

Of the 25 students, there are 7 section editors and 18 “staffers.” Of the 7 section editors, 4 of them are considered the Editors in Chief. Each staff member has different responsibilities.

Staffers: These students are taking yearbook for their first time. They have the responsibility to sell $375 in advertisements over summer and design three pages of the yearbook.

Section editors: These students are responsible for the layout of each section. The editors work with their staffers and also independently on their own pages. Section editors also sell ads throughout the summer. Section editors do not have had to taken yearbook for four semesters; this way, everyone has a chance to be an editor after being a staffer.

Editors in Chief: These 4 students oversee all of the sections and make many of the executive decisions for the book. Editors in Chief have usually taken yearbook for four semesters before becoming an EIC.

How does the yearbook staff operate?

Amerson’s room is set up with two large table groups. The rows of desks face in. so that the students are facing each other. The room is equipped with a set of laptops that can be used for layout design. Yearbook Avenue is the application that the staff uses to create the page design. The app is run through Jostens and is used by many yearbook staffs. Before the layout is touched, the staff must collect or, at least, plan which and where each picture will be placed.

Amerson creates an inviting atmosphere in her classroom. She wants each student to feel comfortable with sharing his or her ideas. The yearbook staff is expected to meet numerous deadlines. The first deadline is during November. From then on, the yearbook staff is expected to meet a deadline each month. The strict deadlines are in place to ensure a timely completion of the yearbook.

The best thing about yearbook is…

According to Emily Dolegowski, senior and EIC, the best thing about yearbook is the friendships that are formed. Yearbook gives students the chance to work with people that they would, otherwise, never come in contact with.

The biggest challenge the yearbook staff faces is…

Although The Menagerie staff becomes close throughout the semester, they still struggle seeing eye-to-eye while designing. The students spend a large portion of their time organizing the layout of each page, and sometimes staffers and editors, or even EICs, can’t agree on which design looks better.

Why should you buy the yearbook?

You should buy the Menagerie because it commemorates a full year in the life of Leesville students. The staff dedicates two semesters of work to the creation of the yearbook; it deserves the recognition.

The yearbook can be purchased for $85 (+ tax) and will be issued in May.


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