S(no)w Excuses to be a Good Neighbor



The 2015-2016 students of Leesville High School are enjoying the snow that came to Raleigh. One neighborhood is using the time stuck at home to come together — The Sanctuary.

“[Snow days] gives us all time, so we have an open schedule, to hangout with each other” said Felicity Baker, a student at Leesville. Felicity, like most students, has a very busy schedule because of homework and after school activities. The winter storm has made some room for fun.

“[I enjoy] sledding and the parties at night with twenty or so people from the neighborhood… we have party, after party, after party,” said Felicity Baker. Her favorite memory of the neighborhood snow days are “when we (all the kids) link hands at the top of a hill and sled down. We did it at least ten times. It was a lot of time.”

Morgan Barnes, freshman, feels that snow days help everyone “bond”.  After a long day in the snow, before all the families get together, they “go inside each other’s houses and have hot chocolate and snacks.” The Barnes’s dad will drive their car around the neighborhood pulling a sled filled with children. “No one fell out, which has helped keep one of the neighborhoods favorite winter activities alive.

“Snow days are great because it gives neighborhood children and families an opportunity to bond with one another in the midst of all the chaos of school and home life,” said Felicity Baker. All though snow is cold, the fun warms the hearts of all.


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