Job Opportunities for High Schoolers

USSF-certified referees and the captains of each team prepare to start the game with the coin toss. Certification courses teach aspired referees the rules and regulations of soccer games.

As soccer continues to grow in the Triangle, more officials are needed to referee the games. The Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) year-round certification programs allow high schoolers to receive job history and some cash.

Certification classes, available to anyone 14 and older, teach the ins and outs of becoming a CASL referee in the North Carolina Soccer Referees Association (NCSRA). Taking the course early in high school allows you to advance through the NCSRA system. If you continue to stay USSF certified, you can referee during college anywhere in the United States, as the referee certification is nationally recognized and most areas have soccer programs.

New referees start out assistant reffing younger ages and lower level games and make 15 dollars a game for one hour. However, as you gain experience and get older, you can make up to $75 per game as a center referee.

“If you stick with reffing the money is pretty good, especially for a high school job,” said Robert Bailey, a Leesville sophomore who has been a referee for almost two years.

One of the greatest perks of being a referee is the flexible schedule. You are responsible for blocking days when you aren’t available and can even block partial-days. This system allows high schoolers to keep a job, even with their hectic schedules.

Ralph Jordan, the CASL referee assignor, described the benefits of becoming a referee: “You gain some very valuable experience dealing with people, both youth and adults, in stressful situations. This can help on college admissions and on job applications later. Additionally, you get to make some money while exercising.”

If you are interested in becoming a referee and want more information on soccer referee certification classes, go to the North Carolina Soccer Referees Association’s website.


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