Fuller House to be released on Netflix

Fuller House is a spin-off television series that will premiere on Netflix, February 26, 2016. Most of the cast from Full House will reappear along with their children.

Full House is an American sitcom that premiered from September 22, 1987 – May 23, 1995 and features a widowed father who takes care of his three children with the help of his best friend Joey, and his children’s uncle Jesse -thus creating a full house.

With 192 episodes and 8 seasons, Full House was a hit show during the 90s, and there are still reruns on Nick.

In August 2014, Warner Bros started considering a reboot of Fuller House. Its sequel and spin-off, Fuller House, is set in San Francisco, California. Fuller House will be starring Candace Cameron Bure will return as D.J. Tanner-Fuller who now works as a veterinarian with her three children-Jackson, Max, and Tommy Fuller.

The plot for Fuller House parallels to Full House. After being recently widowed, D.J. asks her sister Stephanie and her childhood best friend Kimmy Gibbler for help in taking care of her three sons. Kimmy Gibbler also has a teenage girl named Ramona. In May 2015 it was revealed that all of the main cast are returning except for the Olsen twins. Ashley Olsen decided to not return due to the fact that she hasn’t acted in over 10 years. Mary-Kate wanted to reprise the role, but ultimately decided that it would cause scheduling conflicts.

The number of seasons and episodes are unknown, although so far, Netflix has ordered 13 episodes for season 1. The series was created by Jeff Franklin and is produced by Jeff Franklin Productions and Miller-Boyett Productions.


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