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CTE booths promote clubs midyear

On February 5, Career and Technical Education (CTE) clubs set up booths in the lobby during lunch as part of National Career and Technical Education Month. Five clubs participated, including National Technical Honors Society (NTHS), Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Engineering Club, Construction Club and Technology Student Association.

The purpose of the event, besides celebrating the CTE-dedicated month, includes promoting the clubs as well as promoting the classes that qualify students to join said clubs. “The purpose was to inform students about the benefits that CTE classes…and CTE clubs [have] and how they can stay involved outside of the classroom and [in] things that they are passionate about,” said Emma Berg, president of FCCLA.  

The promotion came in many forms during the mini club fair, from candy to informational displays to simple flyers for students to take with them.

The event seemed to be successful, at least for FCCLA. “We got a lot of new people kind of interested, especially with FCCLA. [With] having our FCCLA Week this week, it was a good way to let people know [about it] and [interact with] kids in the cafeteria, underclassmen, that some of the officers don’t usually see because we’re upperclassmen,” said Berg.

Similar displays will be up again on the following dates: 2/11, 2/19, 2/26. The eleventh will include Family and Consumer Science classes, the nineteenth will include business and marketing classes and the twenty-sixth will include all trade, industrial, tech and health sciences classes.





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