7 things a Leesville student would never say

A follow up to the previous “Ten thoughts a Leesville student has daily.”

“I wish I went to Millbrook.”
Millbrook High School is Leesville’s clear rival. Sometimes, our sports teams are no match for Millbrook’s, but that doesn’t stop Leesville students from attending away games. The rivalry traces back to 2010, when MHS students defaced the Leesville senior wall and spraypainted other Leesville property. Since this incident, Millbrook has vandalized Leesville property other times. Leesville has never retaliated–true class.

“I miss having three lunch periods.”
Only upperclassmen remember those days of having either A, B or C lunch. I cringe at the thought of trying to make it to Chipotle when only given 35 minutes for lunch. I envy the underclassmen, who will most likely never experience the pain of this crippling lunch schedule.

“The math trailers smell so good today.”
For some strange reason, the math trailers have some sort of… lingering fragrance. Sometimes it smells of burritos, possibly fried rice–it fluctuates daily. The math teachers will never admit to smelling the odor; they must be used to it.

“I wish I had a class in the history trailers.”
So far, I have made it through three years of high school without having a class in the history trailers. I’ve dodged a bullet. Not only is it an exhausting walk, it is also completely out of the way from other classrooms. If you are about to pee your pants, you must enter back into the main building and use one of those restrooms. If you ever have the pleasure to have a class in the history trailers, make sure to check the weather forecast daily. You never want to walk down there after or while it is raining. Also, definitely be prepared to jog to class if your next period is farther than the first floor of the main building.

“The wifi is so efficient at Leesville.”
Please don’t tell anyone the wifi password. The increased awareness of the wifi password makes it very hard to do anything on a cellular device. Sometimes, I am just trying to participate in some vocabulary Kahoot, but my wifi is lagging, and I fall behind on the scoreboard.

“I have the best service right now.”
Technically, students shouldn’t even have access to the school wifi; teachers have only recently become accustomed to students using it. The reason for this increase in usage comes from the absolute dead zone that Leesville is situated in. My phone actually says “No service” where it would usually say “LTE.” Sure, maybe I don’t need my phone during class, but what if I need to text my mom?

“The attendance procedure makes sense.”
The process to check in or out is very complicated. Each time you enter the cramped office, you flashback to your freshmen year when you had never before dealt with the attendance office. I am guilty of taking an unexcused absence rather than waiting in the endless and confusing attendance line.


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