15 students join International Thespian Society

Following the ceremony, the new members of ITS celebrate with lots of pictures and refreshments. The 13 inductees gathered together to take a new member's picture.

On Monday, December 7, fifteen Leesville students were inducted into the International Thespian Society (ITS). Returning members, parents, and the new inductees crowded into the cafeteria for the hour long ceremony.

The ceremony began with an explanation of what ITS is all about and the responsibilities that come with being a member in the club. Wendy Hill, parent in charge of Pride Productions, spoke about these responsibilities.

Next, inductees were called up onto the stage to be recognized. “Inductees were asked why they wanted to be in ITS and then they were given a certificate, a pen and a bumper sticker,” said Abby Holland, senior and president of ITS.

For the inductees, getting into ITS wasn’t as easy as they thought. Inductees had to work hard and be involved in every LRHS production they could.

Lindsey Bateman, a junior inductee, said, “In order to get into ITS, I had to earn points by participating in school shows. I had a part in one of the plays and have been on hair crew for 4 out of 5 shows at Leesville since my freshman year. After doing all of these things, I finally had enough points to join ITS.”

Getting accepted into ITS means more than to its members than just something they can put down on a college application. ITS is an amazing organization for anyone interested in theater. “I am extremely excited about being in ITS becuase the theatre department is such a fun and welcoming group. ITS is just like one big dysfunctional family,” said Bateman.

Everyone is excited about the new members and look forward to a great year.


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