What to stream and listen to over break

Of the three reviewed albums, Adele's album, 25, was the only one to receive 5/5 stars. Photo courtesy: Thirtyseventh

Breaking Bad
Length: 5 seasons (13 episodes per season)
Medium: Netflix
Rating: TV-MA
Description: Honestly, if you haven’t seen this television masterpiece by the amazing director Vince Gilligan, what have you been doing? This intense AMC drama delves deep into the dark corners of the hearts of man and explores how greed, illness, family, and drugs affect thoughts and actions. While the the show is officially over, there is never a bad time to stream an episode or two. It truly is a show that never gets old, no matter how many times you watch it.

The Man in the High Castle
Length: 1 season (10 episodes)
Medium: Amazon Prime
Rating: TV-MA
Description: Imagine what the world would be like if the Axis Powers won World War II. This new TV show, based off of the bestseller by Philip K. Dick, explores a hypothetical dystopia where the Nazis and Japanese rule America. If you’re into sitting on the edge of your seat during a show, The Man in the High Castle is for you.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Length: 1hr 43min
Medium: Netflix
Rating: PG-13
Description: A movie that follows the exciting adventures of Ferris Bueller and his clever friends as they play hookie from school is a movie perfect for any high school student. This timeless teen classic is a great comedy for everyone young and old. If you’re looking for something to do on a chilly December afternoon and you’re in the need of a good laugh, this movie is perfect for you.

Artist: Justin Bieber
Length: 18 songs
Rating: 3.5/5
Description: Justin Bieber’s Purpose album was released on November 13 and debuted at number one. Purpose has a variety of ballads like “Life is Worth Living” and dance music like “Where Are Ü Now” which is frequently played on the radio. Overall, the album received positive feedback from critics. The album marked Bieber’s personal highest sales week as well as being the most globally streamed album in its first week with 205 million streams. Justin Bieber has made a comeback by creating his sixth album that is unlike any of his others.

Made in the A.M.
Artist: One Direction
Length: 17 songs
Rating: 4/5
Description: One Direction’s fifth album in five years, Made in the A.M., was released on November 13. This was One Direction’s first album after Zayn Malik left the boy band earlier this year. The new release was their highest selling album. On the tracklist there are songs about love, losing someone, and not knowing what the future holds for the band. Some songs feel more personal than others like “If I Could Fly” rather than “Olivia.” This is the last album before One Direction’s hiatus, and they made it a good one.

Artist: Adele
Length: 11 songs
Rating: 5/5
Description: Adele’s third studio album, 25, was released on November 20. Within three days, 25 became the fastest selling album in music history. 25 is considered a “make-up” record dealing with themes of nostalgia and yearning for her old self. Adele wrote/co-wrote every song featured on the album, showing her songwriting talent. The album consists of predominantly ballads. Adele is arguably the best vocal singer within our generation and 25 proved it.


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