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Student-run coffee shop comes to Leesville

The Java Lion is a small, student-run cafe, conveniently located in front of the main stairs. Teachers and staff are welcome to purchase a cup of Keurig-made coffee for one dollar during a portion of first, second and third period.

The cafe was established by the students enrolled in the Occupational Course of Studies program (OCS). These students are working hard to earn hours in order to receive their high school diploma.  After graduating from high school, OCS students are fit to be employed immediately. Working in the cafe teaches the students about money skills, customer service and sales and promotion.

“The students are involved with every decision made pertaining to the school-based enterprise,” said Tabitha Hinnant, OCS teacher, via email.

A few teachers have become regulars at The Java Lion, such as Paul Dinkenor. He purchases a coffee most mornings during his planning period. Dinkenor can not pass up “one dollar for a really good cup of coffee” and has claimed that “it is addictive.”

Dinkenor also enjoys The Java Lion because “it offers great opportunities for Ms. Hinnant and Ms. Wilhelmy’s students.” It is a “fabulous service for teachers” that is also beneficial for the OCS students.

Unfortunately, students are not allowed to purchase coffee from The Java Lion at this point in the year. However, staff will be able to enjoy convenient coffee for the remainder of the year.


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