Speak Avenue Provides Speaking Help to Student

Above is the Speak Avenue logo. The Raleigh-native company was built to help students in the surrounding area conquer their fear of public speaking.

A large part of a high schooler’s career is spent presenting. Whether it’s giving a presentation, debating, or performing some kind of skit, students spend a lot of time in front of an audience.

Public speaking isn’t a skill that comes easy to many students. Stage fright can consume the minds of students as well as hinder their on-stage performance. This is where Speak Avenue comes into play.

Co-owned and run by the duo of Jenn Woodhull-Smith and Page Christenbury, Speak Avenue holds workshops for high school students to hone their public speaking skills. On their Speak Avenue website, their mission is to “help all high school students in the Triangle and surrounding areas conquer their fear of speaking and build their confidence, so they can achieve their dreams and reach their full potential.”

These workshops are formulated to help a student with everything from a class presentation to a job interview or student body election speech. Each workshop is structured in the following format:
Learn the 8 fundamentals of Public Speaking (including preparation along with verbal and nonverbal techniques)
Learn how to organize a presentation which emphasizes their top three strengths along with supporting arguments
Practice presenting with confidence and overcoming their fear
Record a before and after video to show their progress.

For only $150 per student, freshmen to graduating seniors can perfect the art of public speaking. For those looking for more guidance and teaching, Speak Avenue also offers private lessons.

“Written and spoken communication is very important.” said Ms. Wedge, an English and speech teacher here at Leesville. “With technology [today], you need speaking skills.”

She also mentioned how having the ability to speak in public would help interpersonal relationships, collaborations on projects, competition in the workforce, and even expressing your own ideas.

For more information on Speak Avenue and the services it provides, you can visit speakavenue.com. To sign up for a workshop, visit speakavenue.com/workshops/.


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