Photography club takes first snapshot

Above is the flyer advertising Photography Club’s next meeting. Suggestions for the year’s activities were taken at the interest meeting on Thursday. (Photo Courtesy Sam Timmons)

Photography club is yet another new club created this fall. The informational meeting was held on Thursday, October 29.

Members in the club will share photos with their peers. The club has planned three trips to photograph nature: Umstead Park in the fall, Eno River in the winter, and Duke Gardens in the spring. There will also be a fundraiser to raise money for a charity.

“I look to capture nature and to show the world’s beauty, and share that with others, who share the love of nature with me,” Erica Hardy, senior and vice president, explained. “[The] officers have a love for photography, so we said, let’s make a club and share that with our peers.”

The club looks to expand through social media. Their Twitter account (@lrhsphotoclub) was recently created, and it is encouraged that members post pictures with the hashtag #lrhsphotoclub.

Meetings will be the last Thursday of each month, during A lunch in Mrs. Amerson’s room. The schedule is slightly skewed for November due to Thanksgiving, thus making the next meeting November 19. Elections for available leadership positions will be held at the next meeting.


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