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Men’s Soccer Wins CAP-8

The Leesville Road men’s varsity soccer team finished their season with a record of 13-4-3. The last game of the season against the MIllbrook Wildcats secured the team’s spot as Cap 8 champs, which also topped off their senior night. The men’s varsity soccer team has not won the Cap 8 championship since 2010, so this was a major accomplishment.

The days leading up to the game were filled with intense preparation and focus. When game day arrived, each and every player was fully prepared and ready to finish the season strong.

The night was special for everyone on the team, but it was extra special for the seniors. Nolan Fuller, a senior on the team, said, “It was really special winning because it showed everyone how hard we have worked over the past couple years.”

The Pride definitely deserved to finish on top this year. A win is always a good way to spend Senior Night, but winning and securing the number 1 spot in the conference is even better. This year’s Senior Night was surely one for the books.

The game was just as memorable for first year varsity players as it was for the seniors. Wesley Dunn is a junior that made varsity for the first time this year. Dunn was ecstatic that he got to positively contribute to the game. “As my first year on varsity, the game gave me a sense of how good it feels to be on top in one of the best conferences in the state,” said Dunn. The experience serves as a motivator for Dunn and the rest of the non-seniors on the team to work as hard as possible in future seasons in order to live up to the new standards set for the team.

Now that the conference season is over, the team will begin preparing for playoffs. As a result of the team’s season-long success, the Pride should expect success in the playoffs as well.


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