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LRHS men’s varsity basketball team prepares for an outstanding season

As the end of the football season nears, the Loonies student section needs a new sport to cheer on. Luckily, on November 2, the 2015-2016 basketball season will be in full swing. The Loonies will continue to over-crowd the stands to support the men’s varsity basketball team in the upcoming season.

Players have been training hard at workouts so that the team will be able to hit the ground running once the season truly starts up.

This season’s team will have seven seniors: Patrick Rice, Eric Scollard, Ben Zemonek, Oliver Yellock, Brandon Corkery and Michael Rich.

Patrick Rice, one of the seniors on the team, is confident in the team’s ability to perform well in the nearing season. “We had a good season last year…but we are more experienced and have all worked offseason on our skills so we are prepared to play. We have bonded as a team and we know each other on and off the court really well,” said Rice.

The upcoming season is exciting for some, but intimidating for others. Cody Molineux, a rising Junior that has hopes to make the Varsity team this year, says the transition will be a lot different because of the competition. “The pace of the game at the varsity level is much faster, so I’ll have to adjust to their style of play,” said Molineux.

With the addition of new players this year, the pride is hoping to be better than ever. Last year, the Pride lost both times to Millbrook and defeated the Broughton Capitals once. This year, the Pride is planning to redeem themselves and beat their long-term rivals.

There are high expectations for the men’s varsity basketball team for this season, but the new, and returning players are more than ready to meet those expectations and conquer any challenges thrown their way. The team hopes that all of their hard work and preparation will pay off and that they will achieve their ultimate goals of finishing in the top of the conference and winning states.


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