Black Mass: A Story of Whitey Bulger

Johnny Depp steals the show in his newest movie Black Mass. His breath taking acting makes it feel like you are in the room with him.

The infamous Johnny Depp strikes again in his latest film “Black Mass”. Portrayed on screen as 1980’s Boston mobster Whitey Bulger, Depp was able to make it seem like the film was filmed in real time. But of course with a touch of Hollywood glam to make it suitable for the theatres.

As far as action packed goes, this film was far from it. The best way to describe the film is like a slow burning chord of TNT. Right when the movie began to feel boring, there was an immediate explosion of action. Which was usually bloody and hard to watch.

Bulger was definitely a two faced man as well. He would be able to talk to a sweet old lady as if he was the golden grandson, and then turn around and choke out a young women in the corner of a house. He could truly be a soulless man sometimes.

Although there were a lack of explosions, fight scenes, and heroic males sweeping in to save helpless women, the movie was always able to keep your fullest attention. You never really knew when Whitey was going to make his next move. For me, it seemed as if I sat there the the whole time simply waiting for Whitey to lash out at someone. The movie should have been called “Waiting for Whitey” because, well that’s what I did.

The crazy thing is, even though he was such a bad man, it was easy to empathize with him when he was enduring personal hardships. For example, when Whitey experienced a personal tragedy, I felt, “these people who hate him have no clue about what he is going through,” but once I got my head around it I remembered, “oh ya, it’s not okay to choke people to death”.

In all, the movie is a must see for those of you who enjoy tensing up from head to toe and covering your eyes with your hands during gory scenes. But for those of you who disapprove of glorifying evil and violence, I would take a rain check this time and stay at home.


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