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Shepherd’s Way Pumpkin Patch

As Halloween draws near, Raleigh residents are rushing to Sheppard’s Way Pumpkin Patch in hopes of finding the biggest and brightest holiday melon to sport on their front porch.

The business was brought to Raleigh about six years ago by Tim Moser. Moser, born in Western Carolina but currently living in Raleigh, grows all of his pumpkins in Boone, NC. He then sells them during the month of October in North Hills, Norwood, Creedmoor, and of course, off of Leesville Road.

“He’s a farmer at heart (Tim),” said  Lola Tillett, Shepherd’s Way employee. “He actually created this year a new pumpkin that has a huge stalk through hybridization; he just loves crops.”

At Shepherd’s Way, you can find a variety of different sized pumpkins with prices ranging from the mid teens all the way through the high thirties. The patch also sells gourds, acorn squash, and even hay barrels, all of which are primarily used for Classic Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.

“During the week it’s not as busy, we get a lot more families though to come take pictures with their kids,” said Lola Tillett. “The weekends is probably the busiest time.”

The patch remains open all week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will continue to run until the end of October. It will then open again in late November when the christmas trees are trucked in from Boone.



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