Leesville Gains Redemption After Playing Broughton

Evan Dezzutto, left, shoots the ball as Alyddin Darar turns and watches. The Pride took advantage of their limited opportunities on goal against the Caps.

Coming back after a lost lead, Drew Walczyk’s goal brought the Pride up 3-2. The win aided their season record (4-2-2) and proving to Broughton (5-3-0) the boys have improved from last year.

Last season the Pride went 0 and 2 against the Broughton Caps and wanted to redeem themselves  this season.

Alyddin Darar, a key player for the Pride, believed Leesville would be successful. “Our chemistry is strong, we work well together, we practice hard, we train hard, and hopefully we can have a great outcome,”.

And a great outcome the Pride did have.

The ref blew the starting whistle of the match at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 16. After 24 minutes into the 40 minute half, Leesville scored the first goal of the game. Bryson Smith sprinted down the left side line with the ball and crossed it to the other side, where Tyler Proctor was waiting. Proctor half-volleyed the ball on the goal frame, and the keeper punched it back towards him. He turned and passed a crisp ball towards the top of the box where Darar made a run to, Alyddin shot into the bottom left corner of Broughton’s goal.

Only 6 minutes later the Caps evened things. Elvis Wiredu received the ball from 30 yards away from the goal and dribbles through the Pride’s defensive line. Once through, he slid it passed Elber Muniz, the Pride’s keeper, into the bottom left corner. It stayed an even game for the rest of the half.

12 minutes into the second half and Broughton took the lead in a 2-1 advantage. Cap player, Lucas Beeson, received a square ball from Estaban Salinas Noyola, at the top of the box, quickly took a touch and riped one before the Pride players were able to get to him.

With 18 minutes left in the second half, Leesville’s Parker Yount took the ball down the right side and cut back to give himself time from the Heritage defender. Yount then crossed the ball towards the center of the field, it took a bounce and Mason MacLauchlin ran into the box to head it perfectly towards the upper right corner. MacLauchlin’s goal leveled the Pride and made the game 2-2.

In the 24 minute, Luca Menozzi crossed the ball low and hard straight toward the penalty mark. Drew Walczyk ran on to the ball and struck it with his right boot. The screamer passed through the bodies in the box and flew into the back of the net. The goal gave energy to the Pride, who kept fighting in the last few minutes of the game, when they were under Broughton attacks.

After the game, the Pride were content with their performance. “We played well as a team, switched the ball around well; defensively we worked back and finished our chances. We stayed in it and fought,” said Menozzi, one of Leesville’s captains. The win for the Pride gives them momentum for the challenging season to come.



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