Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon album is rebellious

Lana Del Rey’s album Honeymoon can be purchased online as a boxset or digital bundle with a UK exclusive alternative cover art. The album is under American record label, Interscope Records, and British record label, Polydor Records.

Lana Del Rey, an American singer, released her fourth album on September 18, 2015 titled Honeymoon. Up to this point, her album has received positive reviews from Metacritic, rating a score of 80 out of 100.

The album opens with the single “Honeymoon”, a relaxing but heartfelt song with a bittersweet meaning. The song has a similar sound to “Summertime Sadness” such as high vocals and various background instruments including drums and violins. Next single “Music to Watch Boys To” starts off with a slow pace, then later develops into a faster rhythm. Third single, “Terrance Loves You” beings in a mysteriously, dark tone with classical violin music in the background. The lyrics in the song shows a heartbroken reminiscing her past relationship.

“High By The Beach” is a fast-paced song considering the last three with better vocal ranges. Although the lyrics gives the song a daredevil perspective, the theme shows an obsession with love while being oblivious. The remaining tracks on the album continue with the same pattern and love theme, ending with “Don’t Let Me Be Understood” a catchy, satisfying, and positive ending to the album. The theme of the song generally relates to the title, covering up your personality due to being misunderstood.

Overall, the album delivers an indie pop feel with a majority of the songs having the same style. Each song ranges from a slow to moderate pace ending with a guitar note. While the lyrics are sincere, the problem with the album is the fact that every song sounds alike with the same dejected mood/tone.

Personally I would rate the album 7 out of 10 due to the repetitive sounds and themes, but I have to admit that Rey’s vocals have improved since her first album, Born To Die. The album doesn’t beat her last and third album Ultraviolence, nonetheless I hope Rey’s future albums will progress from here.

You can listen to the album free on Spotify, or you can buy the album here on iTunes. Also, if you want to purchase the CD online, you can pre-order the album’s vinyl and digital album, or the regular CD on her website.


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