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Theatrical Season Kickoff

As students at Leesville restart their school routine, the Theatre Department is getting an early start for the fall play.

The Theatre Department has chosen to perform The Odd Couple this year. The Odd Couple focuses on the relationship between Oscar who is lazy and messy, and his completely opposite best friend Felix who is a neatfreak. When Felix’s wife divorces him, he moves in with Oscar and their friendship is put to the test. Leesville’s adaptation of this play is unique compared to others in that there will be a male and female version performed on different nights. They will both contain the same central themes, just with different names and punchlines.

These two adaptations only require sixteen cast members so to gauge the interest, the Theatre Department held an audition workshop for everyone who is interested in auditioning.

“It’ll make a lot less people show up,” said Ronnie Karaoke, one of Ms. Tarson’s Mainstage veterans, when asked how the need for a smaller cast will affect auditions. “If there is a smaller cast, shy students think they’ll not make it … which is sad.”

Ryan Gallagher, another Mainstage veteran, feels that this need for a smaller cast with a “lesser structure” will help add creative freedom. He believes that this creative freedom can be good for those who know what they’re doing compared to those who don’t, but this freedom will end up benefitting both parties.

“I wanted to do something different,” said Ms. Tarson, Theatre Arts teacher and director of The Odd Couple. “We have a lot of talent … I wanted to challenge the actors and technicians.”

Ms.Tarson is most excited for the audience to come see one show and return to see another. Each version will be a separate show, and will require a separate ticket to attend.

Auditions for The Odd Couple will be held on September 1-2 after school. The Odd Couple will be perform on November 4-7. Look out for more information as to when each version will be performed.


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