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New teachers bring more spirit to Leesville

As one of the many new teachers hired by Leesville Road High School, Lauren Harper is excited and prepared for the new school year.

Harper is a well-rounded graduate from North Carolina State University; she majored in biology, taught chemistry as a student teacher at Leesville, and is currently teaching earth science. She was also awarded the Golden Apple Future Teacher Award last March.

“My expectations for this year, as a beginning teacher, are definitely to grow as a teacher and to become better at my content knowledge, assessing my students at where they are, figuring out how they need to grow, and also building more relationships with the kids I have now,” Harper said.

Many of her chemistry students, or “chemions” as she calls them, were beyond excited to hear that she would have a class to call her own this fall.  

“It’s been really good to come in [ to Leesville] and already have relationships with the kids,” she said, as a former student of hers came running and yelling into the classroom to greet Harper after a long summer.

Harper’s lively and enthusiastic personality is a great fit for Leesville. The Leesville community looks forward to having Harper as a new teacher.

For more information on Leesville’s faculty and a full list of Leesville’s teachers, you can visit here.




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