Making A College decision

Duke’s university campus in Durham. Over the years, Leesville students have gone on to attend prestigious schools like this. Photo courtesy of

Every year, a new generation of seniors finishes high school and goes to college, bringing in a new class to make the decision of where to go. This also happens to juniors or even sophomores, who already begin thinking where to study.

This decision is never easy, but there are many ways to help the students:

One way is to go to college fairs such as the Wake County College Fair that will be held at NC State University on Sunday, September 20. There will be representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities who will be handing out information

Another option is to go on a college tour to get more information about a school. By visiting different colleges you can get a feel of the campus, classes, and dorms.

For Mrs. Canada, head of Leesville high school’s career department, there isn’t one perfect method for choosing which college is best for you.

“I don’t think there’s one answer to that; I think it’s a combination,” said Canada.

She also says that you definitely need to go on college tours so “you feel you belong there”.

Canada finally said that another really important thing that students forget is that colleges will come to Leesville. In fact, next week there’ll be at least one college every day in the career department. The schedule is available here.



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