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Graduation commemoration

There are many ways to commemorate high school.

One of those ways is by ordering a classic yearbook. A yearbook is an annual publication by a high school that commemorates the past school year. It’s published by almost every high school in the U.S and Canada, Australia and even Europe, where yearbooks are becoming increasingly popular. However, they haven’t reached the popularity they have in the US, in fact in some schools you don’t pay for it.

For members of the yearbook staff, yearbooks are popular because they help keep memories. “People change schools and move around a lot, and yearbooks are a good way for them to remember their old friends and schools,” said Jill Catalano, a yearbook editor.

With the invention of new technology, digital yearbooks have been developed. Digital yearbooks include text, images, audio, and video. While a traditional paper yearbook may contain a few dozen pages, a digital yearbook can contain hundreds or even thousands.

Another way to celebrate graduation is by ordering a class ring. Class rings are rings ordered by students to commemorate graduating high school. It’s a really old tradition, that can be traced back to 1835 at the United States Military Academy at West Point. But unlike yearbooks, class rings haven’t arrived in Europe.

For me, as a foreign exchange student, class rings are quite fancy, and I had never heard about them until I got here. Even though they’re expensive, as much as several hundred dollars, I’ve ordered one because I think it’s a really good way of remembering your high school years.

Nowadays rings can be customized in many different ways. You can choose the style, the material, and you can even inscribe your name and graduation year.

If you are interested in a yearbook or a class ring, you can visit Jostens.com to order.



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