• July 31, 2021

During the summer, the rising class of 2019 was anticipating the start of high school. On August 24, the freshmen class experienced their first reality of high school.

The freshmen class had frightened expectations. “I thought I’d get lost, and the work will be too overwhelming,” said Jimmy Gouch, freshmen. The new students expect a lot of work coming into high school–a difficult transition from the small amount in previous school years.

These expectations are based on high school experiences commonly seen in movies and books. One experience freshmen undergo before the first day is Pride Launch, a day over the summer dedicated to welcome freshman.

“People say high school is when your life starts,” said Noah Scott, a first year high school student. Realizing that high school can affect the future: college, jobs, and major life decisions, causes students to be overwhelmed.

The start of high school allows freshmen to understand which expectations turned out to be true or false. Once school started, Gouch, who assumed he would get lost, found his way around the school easily.

Even though freshmen wished otherwise, they realized that high school “is a lot of work,” said Scott.


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