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Fresh start for Knitting Club

This past week, Leesville’s Knitting Club kicked off their monthly meeting for the 2015-2016 school year.

With new officers and a new atmosphere, the Knitting Club is ready to jump into the year. Everyone is ready to try new things and promote the club to the student body.

“I’m most looking forward to being able to spend time with awesome people while sharing the great art of knitting” said Morgan Bateman, Leesville Junior and Knitting Club vice president.

The mission of the club this year is to allow each student to find a knitting project they would like to work on and provide time and space to work on it, piece by piece. By doing this, the officers hope that new members will stay “coknitted” (I’m so sorry I had to) to returning to the club each month.

Mrs. Amerson, the club’s advisor, wants the club to have the opportunity to participate in a community service project and have “some visible presence around campus” over the next year.

Even with the meeting being last minute, Knitting Club pulled a whopping attendance of over 37 people; all ranging from freshmen to seniors. Hopefully this large attendance and diversity of students will be steady throughout the year and give greater attention to the club.

The new and improved Knitting Club will be holding their next meeting on September 17. Meetings will be on the second Thursday of the month after that.


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