Boys Soccer: “Our mentality for the season is take it one game at a time.”

LRHS Varsity Men’s Soccer lines up for starting line-up and the playing of the national anthem. They battled against Sanderson High School at 6:30 on Monday, September 21.

Beating an undefeated Middle Creek, Leesville Road High School’s Varsity Men’s soccer team was on a three-game winning streak. The streak shortly ended after a loss to Sanderson High School’s Varsity Men’s team at home on Monday, September 21.

Due to simple mistakes and failure to constantly move the ball, the boys suffered a tough loss.

“The reason we could not beat Sanderson was because we made a stupid error–not following our man. The defensive transition was poor, and we could never rebound, and we just didn’t play the way we should’ve played, didn’t play our game,” said Mathew Bissette, senior and team captain.

While students and families worried the boys might not be able to recover from their loss, Bissette remained calm. He understands the mistakes the team made and is eager to work and fix them in order to continue the momentum and winning the games they deserve.

Paul Dinkenor, head coach, and Sara Cade, assistant coach, work with the players on key components: communication, endurance, and agility to prevent more avoidable losses.

“I think during practice our main goals have to do with communication, endurance and vision. Soccer players like to call it vision as far as like being able to kind of communicate with each other and see and feel what’s happening before it happens. Those are the types of things we try and focus on to make the biggest impact in our games,” said Cade.

Wesley Dunn, junior, sets his eyes on the winning title but knows the hard work it will take to get there. “Our mentality for the season is take one game at a time but our end goal is to be conference champions,” said Dunn.

With strengthening their ball possession and basic passing, the Varsity Men’s Soccer team is improving each game and making their way to become the best. Support from their teammates, families and student section helps the Pride momentum roll.


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