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Newspaper hosts its annual end of year party

On Tuesday night, the 2014-15 Mycenaean staff gathered at Ben Pope’s house for an evening of food, fun, and lots of laughter. Even long-time LRHS Newspaper advisor Eric Broer stopped by to enjoy the fun and see his seniors for one of the last times.

Most of the newspaper classes at Leesville Road have done something similar to an end of year party, and after a one year intermission, this years seniors decided they wanted to go out with a bang.

“We had a party two years ago, and it went well,” said Pope, “and given the closeness of this year’s staff, I thought it would be appropriate to do another one.”

Everyone brought their own food or drink item to contribute to the feast, and the assortment featured nothing even remotely healthy. From Chick-Fil-A nuggets, to multiple bags of chips, to the ample amounts of cookies and cakes, there was no shortage of items on the table.

“I couldn’t eat most of it, but there was a lot of it,” said Pope.

Others perhaps ate too much food; just ask Will Sease, staff writer. “I feel so sick to be honest. That food was a mistake.”

After everyone had settled down after eating, Jill Schuler, junior editor, decided it wouldn’t be a party without a game.

“I like games…especially with big groups. So I thought: YOLO!” said Schuler.

The game of choice was essentially a guessing game. Everyone wrote down a random story about an event in their life and after they were all placed in a bowl, they were drawn out and read to the whole room. Then, it was up to us to guess whose story it was. You could say it was the ultimate test of how well we knew each other.

Then, after more eating and socializing, Schuler found the piano in the house. Before the conversations could be finished, everyone found themselves laughing along as Schuler and Davis Reynor, senior, gave a personal concert to us all. It was nothing short of great and loud.

After a performance that featured a little bit of everything (“Phantom of the Opera,” “Hallelujah,” “Walking in Memphis,” “Charlie Brown,” and many more), Schuler had only one thing to say: “I’m sorry that I couldn’t play high school musical.”

Eventually, however, the night came to an end, and it was time to go home. Reality began to sink in that this would be one of the last times this class would be together outside of school.

“I’m going to miss these people,” said Pope, senior editor. “It was nice to see almost everybody there and enjoy the camaraderie that newspaper tends to create.”

With only hours left until this years senior class is off and graduated, all we can do is enjoy the final memories and carry on this end-of-year tradition next year.




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