Leesville students enjoy spring break trips

(From left to right) Emily Echols, Jordan Mareno and Chase Perren pose in front of the fountain at Universal Studios. The girls spent their last high school spring break traveling to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Despite a shortened spring break, Leesville students took advantage of the little time they were given. Some traveled as far as Mexico while others spent the time visiting more local communities.

Lindsay Lehman, junior, spent her spring break close to home but made sure to spend the time wisely. She toured the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and traveled to the University of South Carolina in Columbia for several days.

Chapel Hill was a day trip for Lehman. She toured the university in the morning and met up with Leesville alumni, Morgan Barnes, for a more personal tour.

“She showed me notes from her classes because we both want to do similar things for majors, so I’ll have to take similar classes,” said Lehman.

On Thursday, Lehman traveled to Columbia, South Carolina and fell in love with the campus.

“I loved how pretty it was with all the brick and big, southern trees. But then I went and toured the fitness center, and it’s just remarkable,” said Lehman. “UNC is my first choice, but USC isn’t a bad second at all.”

Robbie Cushman, senior, spent some of his spring break at Wrightsville Beach with four of his best friends.

“We swam in the freezing water for approximately four minutes, talked to random people, got them to yell ‘Cherry Grove’ [for our snapchat stories] and rode around on bikes,” said Cushman. “It was a very humorous trip…random events and actions made it very fun.”

Chase Perren, senior, took her two best friends, Jordan Mareno and Emily Echols, also seniors, to Orlando, Florida. There they visited Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, Adventure Islands and the Magic Kingdom.

“The trip was fun because even though we spent over 14 hours in Disney World and walked until our feet were aching, we were good sports about it and kept joking until it was one in the morning,” said Perren. “All together I can say this was one of the best spring breaks I’ve ever had.”


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