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Slide the City to come to Raleigh in May

A thousand feet of slippery blue and green vinyl will be making an appearance on Glenwood Avenue on May 30. Slide the City will be bringing their colossal water slide to Raleigh to celebrate the kicking off of summer.

All who are over 48 inches and 5 years of age are allowed to participate in the event but only if they are accompanied by an inner tube. Also, all who are under 18 will need to get signed permission by a parent or legal guardian.

Two types of tickets are available to be purchased: a single or a triple ride ticket. The single ride starts off at $15 and increases $5 each week until the event. The maximum price is $25 for one ride. The triple ride starts off at $30 and also increases $5 every week until the event. The maximum for three rides is $45.

Many Leesville students are taking advantage of this opportunity in order to explore the lesser known events that Raleigh has to offer. “I’m going to Slide the City because it is a different way to go out, have fun and interact with different people,” said Natalie Browning, sophomore.

Other students are going to simply celebrate the starting of summer. “What better way to finish the last couple weeks of school and get ready to start summer than by tubing down a 1,000 foot water slide,” said Kierra Angell, junior.

No matter your reason for wanting to attend, tickets are going fast so make sure you don’t miss the chance to be able to slip and slide your way through Raleigh!


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