• June 14, 2021

Coach Rogers, Dr. Muttillo and Coach Civitello were all participants of the head shaving competition at this years 2nd Annual Strikeout for Cancer Charity Games. Who ever had the most money donated in their bucket at the end of the week, would have to shave their head.

The contest was a fun way for Leesville to raise additional money for the Pediatric Cancer Research at UNC Lineberger.

“I have never had my head shaved, and I guess my biggest fear was I would have a lumpy, ugly head,” said Rogers.

“As principal you are asked to do lots of crazy things,” said Dr. Muttillo to why he signed up for the contest. “I participated in the ice bucket challenge, 5 a.m. pep rallies, so this was just another one of those lists of things: ‘Hey would you shave your head for charity,’ and I said sure no problem, and justed hoped I didn’t win,” said Dr. Muttillo after he left the contest with a full head of hair.

The friendly contest between some of Leesville’s most beloved staff drew even more attention and money to the event.

“I put it out there for a long time that there was really no way that I could win or lose because I thought the principal for sure would be the one to get his head shaved. I thought every kid in the school would want to see their principal get their head shaved, but I guess it didn’t turn out that way,” said Rogers.

The money raised from both the Varsity and JV baseball games, the BBQ plate sale, the silent auction and the head shaving contest made the event valuable to all who participated. The money was donated to the Pediatric Cancer Research Center at UNC Lineberger and was delivered by the senior baseball players.

“Life is bigger than sport, and it’s a good way to show not only the student athletes but everyone that there are things that you can learn from sport,” said Rogers when asked to describe the importance of the event. “And I think that the biggest part of this whole thing was not only giving the check, but when everything was counted up Coach Civitello took the seniors to deliver the check… and I think that makes a huge impact. And hopefully we are changing their perception, and I hope that they realize you have to give back,” said Rogers.

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