Review of BASTARZ’s “Conduct Zero”

Block B’s subunit BASTARZ nail the final shot of their MV “Conduct Zero.” Despite recent controversy, the group’s song is continuing to climb in views on YouTube.

Block B is at it again with their new single “Conduct Zero,” only not the way we expected. Earlier this year, the group slowly began to release teasers for their new subunit, BASTARZ. The group features B-Bomb, U-Kwon, and P.O. like fans have never seen them before.

The music video was released on April 14 at midnight in KST. Within the first 10 hrs, the video had already achieved half a million views, despite the controversy caused by the teaser. Thankfully, the weird, kimono ladies did not make an official appearance in the music video. The mini-album was also released on the same day.

As a die hard Block B fan, the absence of the leader, and my personal bias, Zico did little to hinder the hard-hitting effect of Block B’s presence in the hip-hop/K-Pop scene. In fact, this is probably one of their best songs.

The title track featured an addictive beat that both catered to my love of EDM and ratchet trap music. And P.O.’s voice, working in conjunction with the sudden change in musical score, definitely brought out the ratchet trap in me.

And if that wasn’t enough Korean craziness for one song, the music video featured not only the whip and the nae nae, but the boys threw it all the way back to the Harlem Shake. And I don’t mean the weird, random Harlem Shake videos. I mean the 90’s Harlem Shake. The dance that every Black child wanted to do up until 2005.

The choreography was simple but well planned and already has some fans requesting a dance version of the video. It has not been announced when the group’s first live performance will be, but, the way things are looking, the boys seem to be on track to win an award on MNet Countdown following their first performance. Keep up the good work, Oppas!


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