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The rock scene, both in North Carolina and abroad, is constantly changing. Rock, being one of the larger genres of music, has constant innovation that has kept it alive for more than 50 years. The genre is dominated by a league of true legends and bands clammering to make their mark on the Rock & Roll pantheon. Rock has also achieved a more global reach than most other music–popular bands hail from all over America, Europe, and Asia.

These elements combined means that rock music always evolves and changes, with bands often changing with them. Rock has branched out into Hard rock, Heavy metal, Alternative rock, Progressive rock, Ambient rock, Shoegaze, and countless other sub-genres.

One particularly interesting flavor of rock is post rock or progressive rock–rock music that focuses more purely on the sound, with lyrics taking a backseat or not being there at all. This kind of music coexists within a group of more ambient styles of rock. This kind of rock was spearheaded in the late ‘70s and 80’s, and continues to evolve and grow today.

If you like the ambient styles of Pink Floyd and other more progressive rock artists, then you might like a band from across the Atlantic Ocean: Mogwai.

Formed in 1995 and hailing from Scotland, Mogwai has been active in creating rock for 20 years. In that time, they’ve produced 9 albums and made a name for themselves in the British rock scene, although they never became a huge hit in the United States.

Mogwai songs, only very rarely, have lyrics. Those that do have lyrics generally play them in the background, masked by the instruments. A few songs even have garbled, indecipherable tones that still seem to speak in human voices.

Mogwai’s music has evolved as the times themselves have evolved, and 2014’s synth-heavy Rave Tapes album was popular in the United Kingdom. Most of Mogwai’s early albums focused on pure rock sound, but they have become more electronic as time goes on and the band changes.

One of Mogwai’s best qualities is the consistency of the songs on their albums. In many instances, albums release with 2 or 3 songs that the composers hope will become radio smash-hits, with the rest being filler. In contrast, Mogwai albums are incredibly thorough; the songs that come last in the albums are as good as the ones that come first.

Because of the consistency and easy-listening nature of Mogwai’s music, it’s perfect for study music, or any time when you have a slow moment that could use some background noise. If you like progressive rock, then you will like Mogwai.

Other notable bands of the same genre, most of which have all but eliminated vocals and finely-engineered the sound of rock music are God is an Astronaut, This will Destroy You, and others.



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