Leesville deemed a National Council of Excellence

Leesville’s executive council was mailed a certificate recognizing their status. This is the first time they have received the award.

Recently, Leesville Road High School’s executive council was awarded the National Gold Council of Excellence Award.

This award is a very prestigious award, given by NASC (National Association of Student Councils), and there are two levels of this award: the regular National Council of Excellence Award and the gold level, which is the one Leesville achieved.

A lot of hard work went into this award: it kept the officers busy from this past summer until they received the award. There was a lot of planning, execution of activities and paperwork.

“There was this long list of things we had to complete in order to be considered for this, and so the work was split up by Alex [Stephens, historian]. Each of the officers took on certain tasks such as to prepare our council to work on parliamentary procedure, have an entire list of all of our meeting dates, an entire list of all our council members and the role each person plays in our council and other miscellaneous things,” said Devin Miller, secretary.

Along with applying to receive this award, Leesville’s executive council has also branched out in other ways, such as running for the NCASC statewide council’s position of President-elect. This also ended in a victory, as they won this position in the election.

“We were running for President-elect this year at the state convention and there are only [about] seven schools in the entire state with this award; so [with] us running, it makes us more qualified to have this award,” said Miller.

Overall, this is both an honor and a validation of the council’s hard work and success. It has opened doors for them as far as getting more involved in the community and state, and will continue to do so in the near and distant future.

“We will continue to reapply every year and our school will be held at a higher level than other schools — it just gives us that accreditation,” said Miller.


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