French Club performs service project

Several French Club members work to help make teacher appreciation gifts. Many clubs start to drop in attendance towards the end of the year, but French Club was able to rally and create welcoming gifts.

This Monday, April 13th, Leesville’s French Club held their second-to-last meeting, and participated in one of their two planned service projects for the year.

For clubs to retain their honor’s status they must perform at least two service projects for the school during the year. This spring, French Club opted to dedicate their time to teachers.

Members of the club assembled over two-hundred mini cards attached with a piece of chocolate. The cards explained a famous holiday in France, “La Fête du Muguet.” The celebration is the offering of a Lily of the Valley flower on the first of May. It is to give friends and family a symbol of spring time and wishes of good luck and happiness for the rest of the year.

While only a few members were present, those who were completed the task in an impressive twenty minutes. The club’s goal was to show Leesville’s teachers how valued they are while simultaneously sharing a piece of French culture.

Kyra Doody, club president, said “We chose this service project because [we] felt like it was a great way to incorporate a popular French tradition into doing a good thing for our school. In past years we have done a lot of international service projects, such as Heifer International, but this year it was nice to keep it closer to our own community.”

French Club will also host another service project on Monday, April 20. Members will pick up trash around the school during lunch. The club is looking forward not only to maintaining their honors club status, but helping the school stay clean.


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