Finally! Three of K-Pop’s biggest names come out of hiding

(left to right) TOP, Seungri, G-Dragon, Daesung and Taeyang prepare for their 2015 comeback tour and album entitled “Made.” The group has been hinting at a comeback since early April.

BigBang, BTS and 2PM have announced their long — some longer than others — awaited comebacks.

Probably the most awaited K-Pop comeback, BigBang has been posting ominous, crypitc photos on instagram, Twitter and Facebook in order to gather hype about their new music. The three year gap in between their last and current work has done little to sway fan’s excitement.

Starting on May 1, the band will begin debuting new songs from their new album and tour entitled “Made.” According to YG himself, the title “Made” was inspired by fans’ persistence on getting the boys back out into the spotlight. “…because it is a new album that has been completed through a course of a long period of time, we decided to title it ‘MADE’.’MADE’ is a word that is also used when something great has finally been achieved.” The last song will be released on September 1.

The boys have not been out of the spotlight completely. Last December, G-Dragon and Taeyang released a song entitled “Good Boy” that earned them a YouTube Music Award along with other big names, like Beyonce, FKA Twigs and Hozier.

While most of the details surrounding the album and tour are quite murky, YG has released the tour trailer. Shot in Los Angeles, the teaser resembles a Hollywood action movie.

Speaking of comeback teasers, BTS surprises fans with their animated comeback teaser and concept photos. Deviating from their normal “bad boy” image, the boys have chosen a softer, almost flower boy concept.

While it hasn’t been long since the release of their last album, their current success in K-Pop and Rap Monster’s solo career has had fans yearning for more. Netizens are eagerly anticipating this new image as they slowly release photos for their third mini album “In the Mood for Love.” That title explains all the angsty rapping and picture taking.

Their comeback is set for April 29.

The final group set to comeback is JYP’s 2PM. The group has not released an official comeback date, but, according to JYP Entertainment, fans can hope for a an album as early as June.

JYP also stated that the members will have a hand in creating the final product as they work hard on composing and writing lyrics.

All of this comeback talk has got netizens dizzy with anticipation!


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