Cooking for Rally in Raleigh

ProStart crew gets busy preparing ingredients for their big event. All food made for the event was done in class.

Leesville’s ProStart II class has been busy in the kitchen, cooking for our state representatives attending the Rally in Raleigh event.

The Rally in Raleigh event is an annual event and many notable people are expected each year. Governor Pat McCrory was invited to the Rally in Raleigh event along with House Speaker Tim Moore and Senator Rick Gunn, and Leesville High School was given the opportunity to cook for the event.

Chef Goins, foods teacher at Leesville, is having her Prostart II class cook for the Rally in Raleigh event. Her class is the highest-level food class offered at Leesville. All five students in first period ProStart were ready and excited to show off their culinary skills to our honorable state representatives.

“The National Association, who creates our curriculum, asked us to come cook for the event. This would be our our third year cooking for the event, which is cool because we were the only school in the county that was asked to cook,” said Goins.

For the event, Goins’ class had to decide a dish that would please and fill all members who attended the event. The class decided as a whole to cook bacon cheese grit balls. The recipe for the balls was simple enough for Goins’ high-level chefs, but the recipe was hard to execute in such great numbers.

While chopping green onions for the recipe, Andre Smith, a senior at Leesville, said, “We get to cook for this political event, which I would never have the chance to do if I wasn’t in this class. Also it’s cool to go in there and see our little section compared to other catering stands and see what they make [and] how they make it.”

Goins’ chefs were excited to showcase their skills at the event and were confident in their recipes.


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