Ashley Banjo explores the life of Michael Jackson in ITV’s ‘Perspectives’

Ashley Banjo with Michael Jackson’s iconic red jacket from “Thriller.” The docu-series aims to explore artists and the talent that helped them perfect their crafts.

On Sunday, June 19, the fifth season of British docu-series “Perspectives” premiered on ITV with Ashley Banjo as their first guest host.

Ashley Banjo, leader of the British dance crew and 2009 “Britain’s Got Talent” winners Diversity, travelled to Hollywood to speak with some of the artists that helped global superstar Michael Jackson get his big break. Toward the beginning of the episode, Banjo recalls the emotion the crew felt after being picked by Jackson to dance on his final tour “This Is It.” Unfortunately, shortly afterward, the superstar was found dead in his home after an overdose on prescription medication.

The film focused on Jackson’s determination to break the pigeonhole of his previous albums by becoming an artist that crossed genre, racial, and international barriers with his album “Thriller.” The docu-series not only features the musical talents behind Jackson’s work, but the film directors and dancers who helped him shape his craft into perfection. Some of that talent includes Eddie Van Halen, guitarist for the band Van Halen and lead guitarist on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It;” Bob Giraldi, film director for “Beat It;” and Jeffrey Daniels of Shalamar, who taught Jackson how to Moonwalk.

ITV’s “Perspectives” has been bringing powerful, unique stories to Britain since 2011 and has recently just commissioned new stories for its fifth series. The show has delved into the lives of a variety of large names from William Shakespeare to Freddie Mercury.

The next episode is set to air next Sunday, April 26 on ITV at 10:15 p.m. with host Len Goodman, professional ballroom dancer and television personality, presenting the story of Fred Astaire.


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