Victory Junction work day

All of Leesville’s students who attended the Victory Junction work day took a group photo in front of one of the large race cars at the facility. The entire camp is race car-themed thanks to the dreams of Adam Petty, race car driver, who aspired to open this camp before he was killed in a race car accident.

Victory Junction is a summer camp for children with serious illnesses. At the camp, attending kids are able to gain the confidence and independence they did not have before. It is an extremely worthy cause which will hopefully be around for many years to come.

Victory Junction was founded in 2004 and is still going strong. With a large campus equipped with a fully-functional hospital capable of performing chemotherapy, kids with any illness come together at the camp.

The camp was founded in honor of Adam Petty. When he died in a tragic race car accident, Petty’s family helped fulfill his dream of starting a camp for children with serious illnesses.

Children from every state in the US and some countries outside the US have come to the race car-themed camp in order to meet children like them, enjoy themselves and grow stronger.

Schools from across North Carolina have donated thousands of dollars to Victory Junction in order to help the camp. At the work day this past Saturday, multiple schools gathered together at the camp.

Everyone was split into two groups. One group started out playing games, cheering, dancing and meeting new people. The camp has multiple cheers and dances that all of their campers learn, and the students there were able to learn them as well.

Next came the tour of the camp. There was never a dull moment as the students saw the incredible facilities of the camp. From a huge treehouse to swimming pools to bowling alleys to a health center, there was something new and exciting around every corner.

After the tours finished, the students split into their two large groups once again in order to help the camp prepare for their summer campers. From stacking and counting woodshop materials to sorting t-shirts to sanitizing bowling balls, the students were able to help the camp in many different ways.

Finally, before the work day came to a close, everyone gathered together and made greeting cards for all of the camp’s summer volunteers. With all of the hard work the volunteers put into making Victory Junction such a success, making welcome and thank you cards for their efforts had everyone excited.


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