Legally Blonde production begins

Students signed up for an audition time on a list outside the theatre room. This is one of many steps taken to prepare for Legally Blonde’s premiere on April 16.

Leesville’s theatre department is in the process of casting for this years spring musical, Legally Blonde. The decision to perform Legally Blonde excited many, as it is an energetic and spunky musical.

Caroline Chappell, senior, will be Legally Blonde’s stage manager. Chappell will be assisted by Anne Bowers, sophomore, and Abby Holland, junior. Maddy Kunkel, junior, will be the assistant director to Katrina Tarson, Leesville’s theatre teacher.

Students’ auditioned January 28 and 29 in hopes of receiving one of the nine major roles or one of the twenty minor rolls.  Over 60 people showed up to audition.  Students split into groups of six to perform a dance previously learned in Legally Blonde workshops. A monologue and song were also mandatory for the audition.

After audition, a cast list will be posted.

“On that Friday, there will be callbacks. This is where Ms. Tarson will request to see an audition again,” Chappell explained. The reason for a callback is “if Ms. Tarson saw potential in someone, she is able to give them another chance.”

Chappell expressed through her interview how excited she is to be stage managing this year’s musical. However, she is aware there will be some difficulties along the way. “Moving from scene to scene will be the toughest. If you’re familiar with the musical, then you know Elle can go from a classroom to hair salon then back to the classroom,” Chappell said.

Leesville’s theatre department puts in weeks of work to produce a show for the community.  Cast members practice daily after school in preparation for a successful performance; tech theatre students work together to create beautiful setting for Legally Blonde. Students only have to wait until April 16 to watch the theatre department’s hard work pay off.


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