Leesville students enjoy Spanish field trip

The students who went on the trip all gathered outside of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University to take a group photo. They then took a tour and learned more about Joan Miró, a Spanish artist, and his artwork.

Members of the Spanish National Honor Society, Spanish Club and Spanish department all enjoyed a trip to the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University on Wed, Jan 28. Everyone finished the trip by enjoying a great meal at Cuban Revolution, a restaurant in Durham.

Upon arriving at the museum, the group of students and teachers entered and were split into two groups. Each group received a museum guide and began their tour of the works of Joan Miró.

Miró is a famous painter and sculptor from Spain, who had a couple of common themes throughout his work. He would often include references to women, stars and/or birds. As one group entered a room with four of his paintings, everyone created a simile they believed matched the artwork they chose.

The similes represented the personality of each person in some cases. Some people saw lines and graphs due to their technical minds, while others saw metaphors and deeper meanings which matched their artistic minds.

Moving on, the group entered a room filled with some of Miró’s paintings and sculptures. Everyone broke into groups of three and found similarities between one painting and one sculpture. Some people pointed out shapes he repeated in each piece of artwork, and others brought up similar techniques he used in his designs.

Finally, the group explored some more artwork as they made their way to another exhibit. THe next exhibit featured different pieces of artwork from multiple people who live in Raleigh. One sculpture was completely made from parts of a piano. The artist took the pieces of wood and bent and angled them to form an entirely new shape.

Once the groups met up again, signaling the end of the tours, it was time for dinner. Everyone head over to Cuban Revolution to enjoy great meals while laughing and spending time together.

Overall, the trip was a success. Many students and several teachers had a fantastic time together while developing their understanding and knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.


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