Big envelopes & high hopes: Students’ reactions on impending Carolina decisions


UNC-Ch’s early decision acceptance day has been the cause of anxiety for Leesville seniors regarding their upcoming fates. Carolina’s generally selective acceptance rate gives way to both anxiety for the upcoming weeks and excitement for what is to come.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is one of the best universities in North Carolina, and is known as the most choosy of the UNC-associated facilities with its relatively low, 26.7%, acceptance rate.

Senior hopefuls reveal their feelings about Carolina as a university in general and their feelings on the admission decisions.

Dominic Jensen, senior, who has verbally committed to UNC-CH to play soccer since his sophomore year, is still waiting for Chapel Hill’s acceptance. For Jensen, Carolina is one of the best public universities in the country. Carolina was his first and only choice for college. He shares his emotions on the upcoming decision:

“I feel confident-nervous, however it’s taking forever, and it’s nerve-wrecking,” said Jensen.

This case of nerves is not uncommon, as another senior, Will O’Brien described the upcoming decisions as simply “frightening.”

Like O’Brien, another senior, Ashley Dibbert, regards Chapel Hill with a more personal entreat. “My parents met there… it [Carolina] runs in the blood,” Dibbert said.

She says she is anxious in her application to Carolina. “I’m reviewing my high school experience.” Students like Ashley, an intelligent and hard-working student, all await this decision with large eyes and high hopes.

This communal anxiety is reinforced when asking the students about the impact of Chapel Hill decisions. “The implications will be huge,” said Jensen.

All three interviewed students did indeed get accepted to Carolina.


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