2015 Super Bowl Ads

Nationwide’s commercial on preventable childhood accidents was one of the advertisements that brought a level of seriousness to the 2015 Super Bowl. This year, an average of 114.4 million people viewed the Super Bowl and its commercials.

This year the Super Bowl commercials took a new approach than that of the usual comical advertisements that so many viewers anticipate. Most of the commercials seemed to follow specific trends that had never been seen in past Super Bowls.

The XLIX Super Bowl ads sent a strong signal that it is all about mobile in 2015. The viewers were bombarded with commercials about cellphone games such as Clash of Clans and Game of War. In fact, viewers consumed about $16 million worth of phone games commercials. One 30 second commercial costs roughly $4.5 million so by just watching the commercials the viewers took in millions of dollars worth of ads. Also following the mobile trend, hashtags made appearances in over half the ads. For example, Coca-Cola ended their ad with #MakeItHappy while Dove Care + Men ended with #RealStrength to get their ads trending on Twitter. These hashtags are a great way for the companies to see how the audience reacted to their advertisments. Vanessa Murdock, tv personnel, tweeted: “#MakeSafeHappen most depressing Super Bowl commercial i’ve ever seen”.

Another trend in the Super Bowl ads were based around spreading awareness about issues in our society. The most popular of these ads were Nationwide’s commercial about preventable childhood accidents and a commercial by NoMore.org on domestic violence and sexual assault. These ads did a great job of starting out with a normal scene and then throwing a curveball at the end. The beginning scene would start out with a happy mood and then the commercial would drop an emotional bomb on the crowd. This strategy effectively stunned the audience and made a lasting impression by unexpectedly changing the mood of the commercial.

Along with a new Super Bowl came a trend of new companies airing ads. Companies such as Wix.com (a website building company), Loctite (super glue), and Mophie (smartphone cases) made first time appearances.

Many regular Super Bowl advertising companies didn’t purchase ad space this year. Out of the 11 automakers who aired commercials last year, only a handful of them were seen this year. Companies such as Ford, Honda, and Acura decided not to promote their companies.

The new trends of the 2015 Super Bowl commercials are definitely a refreshing change from the debatably sexist, comical commercials that all the past years have brought to the table.


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