Frozen on Ice was nICE


For the first time in forever, Frozen came to Raleigh, much to the delight of little kids and their parents. Disney on Ice Presents Frozen was held in the PNC Arena for a week.

On Friday, December 12, I got the opportunity to see it with my family. Overall, the performance was wonderful, and to me, it kept nearly every person there excited, from parents to teens to little kids.

Before the show began, speakers from YoKids, sponsors of the show, came out to discuss a healthy lifestyle to the audience. Then, Mickey and Minnie were brought out, soon followed by most of the princesses and their princes. Characters from Lion King, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo also made appearances.

Then, the real show started. It followed the movie almost perfectly, although some scenes were out of order. It hardly affected the flow of the show, and it is doubtful the younger children noticed.

Although the skaters glided beautifully throughout the performance, it disappointed me that they were only lip-syncing to songs. However it provided a familiar feel for fans of the movie, rather than new voices and styles.

The costumes in the show were almost exact replicas from the movie, with some added uniqueness. For example, lights were added to Anna’s cape that lit up during certain parts of the show. To give the sense of a multitude of trolls, each troll costume was a pair of trolls stacked on each other.

The cast made the audience feel included at times with little waves and smiles.

“I thought it was really interactive for kids…it was kind of boring [as a fifteen year old], but once you saw the little kids laughing, it was cute,” said Tess Pottmeyer, a sophomore at Leesville.


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