Fall Out Boy’s “American Beauty/American Psycho” review

The new Fall Out Boy album cover photo is of a boy with the American flag painted in black on half of his face. Although there is a song that shares the album name, “American Beauty/American Psycho”, the song “Centuries” is what inspired the album in the first place.

After releasing multiple new songs when fans least expected it, Fall Out Boy finally released their new album “American Beauty/American Psycho” on Jan 20. The highly anticipated album has 11 new songs including the extremely popular “Centuries”.

The band began to create the album after “Centuries” was released back in Sept after Patrick Stump, lead singer and guitarist, presented the song to the band. The song was originally a single, and later had an album taking form around it, making it the keystone song.

In an interview with Rock Sounds, Peter Wentz, bass guitarist, talked about the new release. He said that the song seemed fitting at the time Stump went to the band with it. They had been on tour with Paramore and were constantly writing new songs. With all of their momentum going, it seemed like the perfect time to kick off a new album with the song “Centuries”.

The song is meant to inspire young people to go against the status quo, pick up an instrument and follow their dreams. Fall Out Boy originated in the suburbs of Chicago. All bands have to start somewhere, and Fall Out Boy wants to make sure that people everywhere remember that.

The album also features new songs such as “Uma Thurman” and “Irresistible”. Each of which are extremely upbeat rock songs, similar to Fall Out Boy’s other music. When it comes to the type of music they play, Wentz said that the band’s goal is be a popular rock group.

In the interview, he said, “At the moment, people seem to put rock bands into one of two groups. Either you’re dinosaurs waiting for the meteor cloud to wipe you away, or you’re not a ‘real’ rock band, you’re considered to be some sort of sham.”

Fall Out Boy wants to be a combination of the two: A rock band that people love listening to on the radio and want to see in big concerts. With the release of their new album and preparation for their upcoming tour, Fall Out Boy is definitely on their way to achieving their dreams.


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