Baldwin Bell, staff writer

Hobbies- playing football and baseball

Fun Fact- I’m taller than Russell Wilson

I’m the youngest person in my family

Ben Zahavi, staff writer

Hobbies- I play soccer, for CASL and at Leesville, snowboard, wakeboard, surf, volunteer, hangout with my friends, watch Netflix — mostly the Office, and watch movies.

Fun Fact- I was born in California


Caela Steele, staff writer

Hobbies- I love anything and everything having to do with the beach and warm weather. My dream is to live in Hawaii or California, surfing and running my own coffee shop. I am an avid procrastinator and love to spend time with my friends and three older brothers. You can find me eating sugary sweets and, if I’m lucky, laying in my comfy bed catching up on my favorite Netflix shows.

Fun Fact – I used to have an 8% in newspaper (don’t recommend it, you’ll never live it down).

Cayley Kennedy, staff writer

Hobbies- I enjoy playing soccer and spending time with my friends.

Fun Fact- I have been to 3 European countries.

Heidi Kreis, junior editor

Hobbies- I enjoy playing with my puppy, Bella, reading Buzzfeed listicles and hanging out with friends. I’m a camp counselor and there’s nothing I love more than making the kiddos laugh.

Fun Fact- I really enjoy practicing for the ACT/SAT. It is a guilty pleasure, for sure.

I love journalism but would like to eventually become a neonatal nurse practitioner.

Henry Werner, staff writer

Hobbies- Working on my gainz, reading kewl bookzz, playing my drumzzz

Izzee Akers, staff writer

Hobbies- I enjoy playing lacrosse in free time and also having jam sessions in my car. I watch Bob’s Burgers an unhealthy amount but that is okay. If you want some ice cream come down to Cold Stone in Brier Creek because I’ll be there and hook it up!

Fun Fact- One time I went to a Waka Flocka concert and I was front row having an awesome time and Waka took my phone and made a snapchat story. Him and I really connected after that on a spiritual level so I truly consider us friends now.

I had a beta fish named Gucci who died and also a fish named Drake that I stole from the fair that also died…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Jacob Phillips, staff writer

Hobbies- I swim year-round and for Leesville.

Fun Fact- The first time I met Mr. Broer, I had just fallen into a creek and was covered in mud.

Whatever you do, don’t take APUSH.

Jill Schuler, editor in chief

Heyy. I spend a lot of time reading, writing and going to the movies. I like spending time outside and hanging out with friends, when I can. I also really like history and tend to write opinionated political pieces. I speak english and french and I am actually canadian so don’t be surprised when you see the ‘u’ in words like harbour, labour and colour.

Jonathan Spear, staff writer

Hobbies- ballin, playing soccer, going to iHop. 

Fun Fact –  I was born in Japan on a leap day and I used to live in Hawaii

My goldfish from the State Fair is still alive

Kayla Fortson, staff writer

Hobbies- watching Netflix. thinking that fictional characters in books are actually real, listening to music and going to concerts.

Fun Fact- I was born in Brooklyn, New York

Lindsay Baker, senior editor

Hobbies- Surprisingly, I really enjoy going to the gym and working out! I also have a knack for horror movies & video games, although I usually end up spending most of my free-time driving around, going to Starbucks, or listening to music. 🙂

Fun Fact – I have met Justin Bieber twice, and will meet him again summer 2016. Another fact, I always use this when I have to give a fun fact about myself!

I don’t talk much, but I see everything that goes on. (Also, I’m actually 100% insane when you catch me around my friends. :))

Madelyn Leen, junior editor

I have many things I like to do in my free time, it all depends on what season or mood you catch me in. To list a few, I would say my favorite time passing activity would be either snowboarding, drawing or surfing. But if you catch me after school, early or mid week, I am probably sleeping or working at Cold Stone Creamery. I try to attend as many Leesville games as possible but due to awkwardness and the fact I’m always sleepy, I only go to a select few. Still, I’m all about supporting Leesville sports and activities — especially the awesome newspaper!!!!

Fun Fact- Every time I hit a golf ball it shanks right.

I love Lana Del Rey more than anything in the world and if you haven’t tried chai tea you should because it is super yummy.

Madison Hoffmann, senior editor

Hobbies- I play soccer in my freetime and I also enjoy sitting in coffee shop

Fun Fact- I have elf ears

Maggie Pollard, junior editor

Hobbies- Running, reading, and horseback riding. 

Fun Fact-  When I was in 4th grade I hula hooped for 32 minutes straight.

Michael Beauregard, staff writer

Hobbies- Read, watch movies/shows on Netflix, and play video games.

Fun Fact – My favorite soda is Cheerwine, and my favorite food is bacon

After graduation, I would like to own a business and eventually hold public office

Parker Yount, senior editor

Hobbies- Anything that has to do with sports, politics, my faith, and my friends.

Fun Fact-I run my own weather account on twitter (follow me at @weatheryount)!!!!!!

I’m ready to graduate.

Regan Harsa, staff writer

Hobbies- I play soccer and swim

Fun Fact- my favorite food is mashed potatoes

My ideal day is sitting at home, eating, watching Netflix, and not getting disturbed.

Sam Timmons, staff writer

Hobbies- Watching movies, watching Netflix, hooping

Fun Fact-I know all 44 presidents in order

 slam tim
Elizabeth (Sloane) Coble, senior editor

Hobbies-I usually visit Twitter, watch short documentaries, sleep lots and occasionally do (very basic) yoga or write (less basic) poetry.

Fun Fact-I really want to visit the ancient temples of the world, like the ones in Mexico and Myanmar.

My free time has currently been usurped by studying for math and chemistry placement exams for the Life Sciences First Year Program at NC State.

Taylor Penezic, staff writer

Hobbies- I love playing with my two dogs, shopping, and traveling.

Fun Fact- I have been a vegetarian for 6 years

I’ve traveled to different countries in South America, Europe, and Asia.

Will Sease, junior editor

Hobbies- Driving, Making $$$$ at Backyard Burgers, Listening to music religiously, etc.

Fun Fact- Mushroom Swiss burgers–the key to success.

I’m not growing the mustache back

Yazmin Battee, staff writer

Hobbies- I like taking long walks on the beach and playing my guitar in the sand. However, I hardly ever go to the beach and I do not own a guitar. I’m usually working at Cold Stone, but if I’m not there, I’m in bed. I like wearing big t-shirts, jammin’ out, and dreaming about my upper east side penthouse I’ll own in New York one day. #StayRad



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