The Fast Lane

An early afternoon photo of the student parking lot. Every morning, the parking is bustling with students and cars parking and arriving to school in order to learn.

Basic Overview

To upperclassmen, having a car can be a big deal.

With your own car, you can have your own parking spot, go off campus for lunch, go places with your friends, travel and explore the world on your own.

According, in 2013 over 15.6 million vehicles were sold in the U.S. This was the highest it had been in six years. The Ford F-Series was the best-selling vehicle overall, while the Toyota Camry was the best-selling car for that year.

At Leesville, there is a wide variety of cars — everything ranging from a high end sports car, to a small, older sedan. Each student makes their car their own. That’s what makes every car unique.

Shafwat Islam, a Leesville senior, is one of the students who doesn’t have a car or his license. He said that his reasons behind not having one: “I  live really close to the school, so I don’t need a car to get here. I don’t have a need for a car. My friends have cars so if I’m going somewhere, I go with them.” He noted that over the summer, when he is preparing to go off to college, he’ll get his license and a car.


Dylan Crabtree, a Leesville junior, talked about what made his truck unique. He said that for his Ford Truck he’s added, “a pro comp lift, 38 inch tires, a bull bar, and casey lights.” In the future, he hopes to also modify the exhaust pipe.


car_graph-Hollerung car graph 2

Out of the cars that we surveyed in the student lot, the most popular brand was Toyota, with Nissan, Jeep and Honda as close seconds.

We also noticed that the most common type of vehicles were sedans. Around the school, there were a wide variety of sizes and shapes of cars. In the parking lot, the diversity expresses the individuality of each and every student. But not every student has a car, or even has a license.


In a sense, having a car, or even not having a car, is a way for a student to express themselves. Driving and the opportunity to have a car will always be a vital part in the life and the identity of a high-school student.

After observing student drivers this is what I have noticed: those with high-powered sports cars may enjoy going fast, with a care-free attitude. Those with trucks have more of an adventurous side, and may enjoy exploring. And for some, it doesn’t matter what car they have; they’re are just grateful to have one.

Attached below is a timeline of the history of the automobile:


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