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The sweetest time at Leesville

“I am not sharing; instead I will personally eat all forty-five.”

Students save their dollar bills and coins to be able to purchase a World’s Finest Chocolate bar.  Competition begins when the caramel chocolate bar starts to run low.  Students carrying their chocolate filled boxes become distractions during class.

World’s Finest Chocolate is an organization that produces chocolate for the purpose of fundraising.  Schools, churches and other groups in need of money are able to purchase mass amounts of chocolate in order to sell and make money for their cause.

Chocolate bars are popular amongst the students at Leesville.  The sellers may be interrupted in the halls or during class due to chocolate-hungry students.  The fundraising won’t stop until all chocolate bars are sold.  The bars end up selling relatively quickly for $1 each.

Julena Dran, sophomore, purchased forty-five chocolate bars in the same day.  She said, “I don’t know why I bought so many chocolate bars.  I am not sharing; instead I will personally eat all forty-five.”  Students enjoy the low-priced snack available during their classes, lunch or after school.

The chocolate sellers are often asked by other students if they can buy a chocolate bar.  Most chocolate boxes have shown they quickly run low on caramel chocolate bars, as it is many students’ favorite.

Leesville has been participating in this fundraiser for a couple of years.  It is a beneficial fundraiser for multiple clubs, such as National Honor Society and Executive Council, and continues to help them raise their funds.  Without the fundraising, clubs would not be able to have the same opportunities.



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