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Small Treasures

The North Carolina Museum of Art is holding a unique and interesting exhibit, Small Treasures. The exhibit attracts many art enthusiasts from all over the state to view these small paintings.The exhibit shows off incredibly small Dutch and Flemish artwork taken from personal and private collections.

The exhibit offers 66 paintings from the 17th-century Dutch and Flemish era of small scale paintings. What makes the exhibit so fascinating would be the size of the paintings.The largest painting the exhibit offers is the size of an iPhone 6+ and the smallest only the size of an iPod shuffle.

If the incredibly detailed small paintings weren’t enough to bring you to visit the exhibit, the haunting and mysterious stories behind them might. Many cannot answer the questions behind why artists decided to veer off the Baroque style of painting, which was very popular in the 17-century, and created such oddly small paintings.

Also, what the artist painted on these small canvases is very unique. Unlike paintings in their time, the portraits and scenes are painted with a sense of childish or foolish humor. 17th-century artist Adriaen Brouwer’s Youth Making a Face piece that is featured in the exhibit shows a boy sticking out his tongue, something very different from the norm of this era. Other paintings featured in the exhibit done by world famous artist like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals.

Experiencing the Small Treasures exhibit was one of the most fascinating things I have experienced. Its eerie feeling and sense of mystery made the exhibit stand out from the rest. I would strongly suggest to anybody, whether art lovers or not, to make the trip to see the exhibit and experience the art museum. It’s not everyday that we have the chance to experience something so incredibly old and valuable. The Small Treasures exhibit is simply breathtaking.

Small Treasures is open from October 11, 2014 to January 4, 2015. Tickets for students are $10 adults are $12.


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