Personal Finance Club now at Leesville


Leesville will have at least one new club this year-the personal finance club.

Brought up as an idea that stemmed out of an AP Macroeconomics class discussion, Sean Nichol went straight to Dr. Mutillo to share the idea.

Nichol had already gotten a petition signed by more than 50 Leesville students that pledged to join, and he had already talked to the future advisor and ensured that an advisor was available.

Mr. Caggia, the AP Macroeconomics teacher here at leesville, will be the advisor for the club in its first year.

The club founder, Sean Nichol, was ecstatic when we talked to him about the new club.

“Personally, I’m looking forward to it because it’ll be a fun environment where we can research different companies, familiarize ourselves with trade, and compare healthy financial habits.”

Additionally, it’s really no surprise that this was Nichol’s idea.

“I’ve always had the reputation of making the most out of a few, so I believe this club will spread a message of thriftiness, while at the same time contributing the social aspect of the club.”

The club will offer a unique experience that not all finance clubs offer. According to Nichol, the main feature of the club will be a stock market simulation game that students can participate in.

“The club is centered around the game we played in AP Macro, where we use virtual money to buy, sell, and compare stocks. The volatility of the stock market makes the game unpredictable and fun.”

And according to Nichol, the club is already a hit.

“Students from other classes have noticed and have begun to show interest. It’s great.”

Club meeting dates have yet to be determined, but Nichol plans to include it in the daily announcements when the time comes so students will be aware.

For any info regarding the club, feel free to talk to Sean Nichol at 919-594-0374.


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